Detail Products Inc.'s (DPI) Inventory Control System can help you to better control your company's business forms and promotional products and will help you to make informed management decisions regarding your business forms and promotional products.  The key benefits of this system are:

  • Knowledge of inventory quantity on hand.

  • Accurate merchandise usage automatically updated based on actual usage.

  • Cost allocation of monthly merchandise usage by branch/department.

  • Inventory low stock notices generated to prevent running out of critical merchandise.

  • Prompt distribution of merchandise from the warehouse.

  • Established reorder points for each item of merchandise.  (These are determined by the customer during the  preliminary stages of the Inventory Control implementation.)

  • Storage space is never a problem because the inventory is stored in our warehouse.

Presented below is an overview of our Inventory Control System.

I.      Merchandise Information -

Each item requires an item number.  Item numbers are critical in our system and all Inventory Control reports are based on item number.

II.   Usage Report -

The Usage Report is a summary of merchandise activity.  This report is generated monthly and is in item number sequence.  The following is shown for each item:

  1. quantity on hand at the beginning of the month,

  2. quantity received during the month,

  3. quantity used during the month,

  4. quantity on hand at the end of the month,

  5. last date (month/year) that there was an inventory requisition,

  6. quantity on order and estimated date of production,

  7. the usage quantity by month for the current plus two previous years,

  8. average monthly usage based on several factors last 4 months usage,

  9. last 8 months usage and last 12 months usage,

  10. minimum level for reorder in quantity and number of months, previous order quantity and date.

The Usage Report presents very useful historical information for each item.  You can tell at a glance if the usage of a particular item has increased or decreased or if the item is being consistently used.  You can also determine if an item is no longer being used.  

III.      Reorder Notice -

When an item needs to be reordered (as determined by the system), the system will produce a "Reorder Notice".  The Reorder Notices are given to the customer along with the inventory management reports on a monthly basis.

The Reorder Notice identifies the item number, item name, packaging unit, and provides the following information for the item:

  1. last order quantity,

  2. last order date,

  3. average monthly usage,

  4. inventory on hand,

  5. number of months of usage on hand,

  6. recommended order quantity, based on 3 and 6 months usage quantities.

Each Reorder Notice requires an action by the customer.  Requirement options are:

  1. reorder the item as is, with no changes,

  2. reorder the item, with changes as indicated by the customer,

  3. the item is obsolete, customer indicates the proper disposition of the obsolete

  4. items in inventory,

  5. change usage quantity. (This is common for new customers that do not have usage history available.)

The lower section of the Reorder Notice is for customer approval for reordering the item. 

The customer should indicate their purchase order number, the quantity to be ordered and provide an approval signature and date.  

IV.   Online Requisitioning System via the Internet -

 Inventory items stored in our warehouse are requisitioned via our Online Requisitioning System which is directly accessible through the Internet.  DPI is notified by email when a requisition is placed and the requisition will be processed for the next applicable delivery date.  Items are then shipped utilizing the most economic means of shipping unless you specify otherwise.  The Online Requisitioning System provides you with "real time" access to your warehouse inventory balances and receipts/deliveries of each item to and from our warehouse.  To allow easy review of past requisitions and eliminate hard copy confirmations, all requisitions are stored in Order History via the Online system with direct customer access. 

V.      Charge-Back/Cost Distribution Report -

 The Charge-Back/Cost Distribution Report is a cost allocation report of all items used during the month for each customer location (branch, department, cost center, etc.).  The report is sorted by customer location and shows:  a) each inventory release from the warehouse during the month and a value for each release, b) total value of all releases for each location and c) total value of all releases during the month.  This report can be used as a basis for allocating the cost of item usage to the company locations/cost centers.  


This letter provides a high level overview of our Inventory Control System.  If you are interested in more information about our Inventory Control System, please do not hesitate to contact your Sales Representative at DPI.


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