Inventory Control via the Web

DPI has developed a state of the art system for automated, online monitoring of your inventories via the Web.  You can requisition products for delivery, order new products, schedule an appointment for reviewing materials before re-ordering and monitor inventory levels, all while online.

Our Inventory Management Program will provide, coordinate and manage your total printed material inventory and promotional products utilizing our revolutionary software.  DPI will store your inventory in one of our warehouses.  Your forms or promotional products are requisitioned by your employees and shipped to your location as needed.

On-time delivery and a good document management program is vital to any business that wants to compete and grow in today’s market.  Let DPI show you how to benefit from a partnership with an industry leader.  You will:  

Reduce costs

  • Eliminate unnecessary forms
  • Take advantage of economies of scale
  • Lower your total cost through volume purchasing
  • Free up storage space  

Improve Efficiency

  • Streamline workflow
  • Reduce cost of processing
  • Reduce the volume of paperwork  
  • Control product inventories 

Enhance Your Image

  • Ensure graphic consistency among printed products
  • Experience professional graphic design  

Take Control of Inventory 

  • Prompt delivery to multiple locations  
  • Eliminate costly rush orders
  • Accurate reporting of inventory levels
  • Prompt reporting of low inventories
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